Jul 24, 2013

Massage Cafe


This is a cafe where you can get some Japanese massage.. :)

This place has been really popular for last couple of years,
and I have never got a chance to get a seat before.
Everytime I came here, it was always busy... :(
And finally... I went here on a quiet rainy day! :-)

The second floor is a massage place, 
and the third floor is a cafe in Japanese style.

  Cute little Japanese shoes are waiting for you..

You need to book in advance for the proper massage such as
 1 hour foot massage and body massage.

But for the 15minutes short massage, you can’t make a reservation.
You just need to wait in there.
Usually, the 15minutes massage is very popular,
so you may need to wait for a long time on weekends.

There’s a set menu which includes one drink(tea or Americano)
and 15minutes neck&shoulders massage. :) I think it is a relly good idea! :)

Nice little walk to the cafe on the 3rd floor..

You will see こたつ (kodatsu) table
which has an electronic heater under the table.
All Japanese have this kind of table at home for the freezing winter.
You can enjoy the heat under the table while you’re having tea with your friends,
and it will make you feel so comfortable and relaxed… :)


I'm having a Lemon grass tea.. :)
So relaxed...

I really recommand this place when you feel really tired and exhaused...

This place is awesome!!!!! I loved the massage and their kind service!!!

* Business Hour: 12pm ~ 11pm Sunday ~ Thursday
                          11am ~ 12am Fridays and Saturdays

* Tel: 02-3142-0992

* Add:
서울시 마포구 서교동 358-45
           358-45, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

* How to get there?

* When you are in front of Zara shop,
you will see Himawari cafe building in the little alley.

Jul 7, 2013

Cosmetic Cafe


This is a cafe where you can try all the cosmetics and buy them
as well as having some coffee and tea.

It's a cute little cafe for girls.

99% of customers here are girls,
and all of them seem enjoy the colorful and pretty decorations.


This cafe has all kinds of lovely things on display,
and the designs of the cosmetics are so adorable!

The chocolate bars are actually soaps... :)
Looks yum~~ haha

I'm in the powder room.
I'm trying Tangerine Peel Powder. Seems good! :)
And some facial cream..

You can try everything here..

They are stickers for nails. Only like 2~3 dollars.

There are all sorts of little appetisers like cakes, quiches, and pies..

Espresso Bingsu!
The ice flakes with espresso syrup!
All of Korean love to have Bingsu in summer!!! :-)

She is preparing something to bake... :)) Smells gooooooood!

I think the idea of this cafe is really good!!!
Girls always need some place to fix their makeups when they're out...
You don't need to find a bathroom anymore to freshen your makeup.. :)
Have some coffee or tea while you're waiting for your friends here
and touch up your makeup with all the free testers!

* Business Hour : 12PM ~ 11PM Everyday

* Add: 서울시 마포구 서교동 336-6
           336-6, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

* How to get there?