10 Things You Can Enjoy in Hongdae

< 10 Things You Can Enjoy in Hongdae >
(Nights in Hongdae)

1. Street performances (busking)

Every night.. every corner.. you can see all different street musicians.
Literally, you see them every 20 steps, especially near the subway station.
Mostly, music performances.
All are young and energetic!!! :-))
Some are really professional!!! 
It's so much fun to enjoy many different performances in one place!
Don't miss any of them! :)

2. Fun street events & parties (Silent disco, ...)

Many events are going on in Hongdae everyday.

One of them is.. the Silent Disco!
It's like a street club! with headphones! :))
No one is disturbed because of the loud music,
and everyone wearing headphones are having a fun experience very quietly... :)
It looks really fun to those passing by!!! 

3. Clubs

There're 20~30 clubs in Hongdae. 
Hongdae clubs are quite casual, so you don't need to put on elegance suit or dress like some clubs in Gangnam.
Just being young and sexy is enough here! :)

Usually entrance fees are around 20,000 KRW, 
and it’s normally free for girls if they come before midnight.

4. All-night bars & pubs

5. Diverse restaurants

6. Unique cafes

7. Shopping

There’re hundreds of clothing and cosmetic stores in Hongdae, 
and most of them open until 10-11pm every night. 

You can find all the trendy items here for fair prices!

8. Street food

Everyone loves street food!! 
Especially, when you're drunk... ㅋㅋ :))
Many street stalls open late.

9. Beauty care

There're so many shops and professionals 
that can make you so much prettier in an hour. :))

- Nail arts
- Eyelash extension 
  (It's a dramatic effect!!!!! especially for whom have thin or few eyelashes!!!)
- Permanent(tattoo) make-up (eyebrow, eyelash, lip..)
- Skin care
- Waxing
- etc..

You'd better book in advance, and it's bit cheaper if you buy coupons/vouchers on social commerce websites such as Coupang and Tiketmonster.

10. Street arts

Hongik University is well known as the best art school in Korea.
You can see street arts everywhere around Hongdae,
and that makes Hongdae more special and unique. :D

-- Enjoy Hongdae!!! --

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