Nov 21, 2014

Simple Pub

Hero Salon


This is a small cozy pub

where you can enjoy beers and little snacks at a reasonable price.

What I really don’t’ understand about Korea is that
you MUST order a snack or a dish when you drink at most pubs.
I think everyone has experienced it at least once in Korea. :-(
But you know…
we usually drink as a second/third round after we finish dinner.
We’re not hungry anymore at a pub!! :(

That’s why I call this place the best little pub in Hongdae!

It’s a great place to enjoy few beers and maybe just a little snack.

The walls are full of funny hero paintings,
and you can see all different action figures and dolls everywhere.

It’s quite interesting interior. :D

Tables are quite small,
but it makes the atmosphere more cozy and lovely.

I think couples and girls like this pub more than guys.

Grapefruit beer is very sweet and yummy! You should try.. :)

Seasoned French fries are the best here!!! Best with beers!! :D

* Business Hour: 5 PM ~ 2 AM, Everyday

* Add: 2nd floor, 402-4, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
             서울시 마포구 서교동 402-4 2

* How to get there?

Nov 12, 2014

Korean BBQ Restaurant #2

Korean BBQ Restaurant

소문난 백정

This is a Korean BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy
yummy BBQ with unlimited vegetables. :D

As you know, Korean BBQ is the best with onion (or Kimchi, or garlic),
and there are many more choices of vegetables to eat together with meat here!!!
All the vegetables are free and unlimited!!! Oh yeah~

They serve onion, mushroom, garlic, seasoned bean sprouts, pumpkin, 
egg, lettuce, and Kimchi with meat. :) Plus, beanpaste soup!!!

                                    The brown paste is called Ssamjang, 
          and you should try this with some grilled pork!! It will taste DELICIOUS!

If you are having beef, I recommend you eat beef with just little bit of salt. :)

Pieces of pork belly are changing their color. Almost ready!! :D

Have some vegetables with a piece of grilled pork belly
and the special sauce, Ssamjang, (or red pepper paste). 

Everyone loves it!!!

            If your grill got dirty, just ask staff to clean it. It's so easy and quick!

* Business Hours: 12:00PM ~ 11:00AM

* Add: 413-25, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
           서울시 마포구 합정동 413-25

* How to get there?