Han Riverside on Summer Nights

Han River on Summer Nights

- Photo from www.visitseoul.net

The Han River is a major river in South Korea 
and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula.

The river begins as two smaller rivers in the eastern mountains 
of the Korean peninsula, which then converge near Seoul, 
the capital of the country.

It’s a very popular spot for tourists as well as Koreans 
because of its scenic view. 
All Seoul residents go to Han River often 
to chill out or to exercise. 
It’s the best at night especially in summer 
as you can feel the cool breeze at the riverside 
and enjoy some relaxing time 
with your friends /family or girl/boy friend all night long.

There’re pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, public parks 
and restaurants along the river. 
You can rent a bike for 3o mins or few hours at the riverside, 
and you can see a lot of people ride nice bikes 
along the river these days.

Also, you can enjoy beer with chicken on the grass at the riverside.
You can eat anything here, but you can't cook. 
You should bring some food, or you can order some (fried) chicken
and Chinese food such as black bean sauce noodles(짜장면
and sweet sour pork. Usually, you can order beers as well, 
or you can get some drinks and chips at a convenience store. 

Don't forget to bring a mat or a tent to sit down on the grass 
as well as a jacket/cardigan to warm up when it gets chilly 
at a late night.
You can't use a tent after 9 pm for some reason, which I don't know, but you can use a mat anywhere anytime near the river.

There's no closing time for the riverside parks. 
You can relax here all day and all night long. :)

This is Yeouinaru station(line 2) in Yeouido. Exit 3.

Do you see all the ladies standing near the exit?
They are the part-timers who distribute all the flyers.

 I got more than 6 flyers. haha.
You need them if you want to order some food(chicken).

Here are some guide for you to order some food at the riverside.

1. Ordering Process

 1) Collect all the flyers near the subway exit

 2) Choose what you want to eat

 3) Need to know where you are.
    (1) near the CU convenience store in front of the XX station
    (2) under the Mapo bridge near the XX convenience store
    (3) near the Ministop convenience store under the Sogang bridge

 4) If you can speak Korean well, 
    make a phone call using your cell phone and explain 
    where you are and what you want to order.
    If you don't speak Korean, 
    find a Korean person near you and ask him/her nicely to order 
    some food for you. (you need to remember the last 4 digits of
    his/her phone number when you pick up the food)

 5) After you order the food on the phone, 
    they will deliver it to you in 20-30 minutes.
    They will call you when they depart from the restaurant, 
    and they will let you know where to pick up your food. 
    (Usually, you need to pick up near the exit of the subway
     station or in front of a convenience store near the bridge.)

 6) Go to the pick up spot.
    Tell them the last 4 digits of your phone number and pay.

2. Tips

 1) You can order some draft beer as well when you order chicken.
 2) You can pay by cash or card. 
    (The delivery men usually bring the card machine.)
 3) You should call the right branch of the restaurants.
    If you try to order the food far from the place where you 
    got the flyers, they may not deliver to the place.
    You should find another flyer near you.
 4) In the rainy season(June-July), the river overflows sometimes,
    so the riverside area is more messy.
    I don't recommend you to go to the Han river during rainy season
    as the view is not as pretty as the normal one.

You can buy some mats if you didn't bring it.

There are many convenience stores near the river.
You can buy drinks and snacks here. 
Also, you can cook noodles, and you can use the microwave.

You see the guys there?
They are the delivery men.
They are all waiting for their customers to pick up their foods.

It's our tent!!!

Ready to drink up all the beers!!! :))

One of my friends is Taiwanese. 
She is on her holiday in Korea, and we brought her here 
to show her the best spot of a summer night in Korea.

So peaceful...

and quiet...

Our chicken arrived!!!! Yum!!!

I go to the Han riverside once every week, these days.
It's so relaxing..... :D
Love having chicken and beer with friends there...
and lying down on the mat feeling the breeze... :)

* Which area shall I go?

1. Yeouido Han River Park
 - Near Mapo Bridge:  Yeouinaru Station (Line 5). Exit 3.
 - Near Sogang Bridge: Soonbokum Gyoheoi (Gospel Church) bus stop. 

2. Seonyudo Han River Park
 - Seonyudo Station (Line 9). Exit 2.

3. Mangwon Han River Park
 - Hapjeong Station / Mangwon Station ( Line 6) -> 5-10mins by Bus

4. Jamsil Han River Park
 - Jamsilnaru Station (Line 2). Exit 3 and 4.

5. Ttukseom Han River Park
 - Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7). Exit 2 and 3.

.... There are many more...
Actually, you can find a park anywhere near the Han river. :)

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