Seoul Lantern Festival

Title : Seoul Lantern Festival
Schedule : November, Every Year
Place : Cheonggye Creek in Seoul (Jongno area - Subway line 1/3)


These photos below are taken in 2010.

 Korean famous animation cartoon, Pororo characters!!! :-)

Yi sunsin was the best known for building a turtle shaped 

ship and for winning many battles against the Japanese.

Korean traditional fairy tales.. 

Korean traditional cultures..

It's a very special experience! 
All the lanterns are amazingly pretty, 
and it's good to learn some about Korean cultures. :)
Plus, you can enjoy a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, 
bars, and shops near Cheonggye creek in Jongno.
It's close to Myong-Dong and Insa-Dong, 
and around 20 mins by taxi to Sinchon & Hongdae 
& Ewha Womans Uni area.

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