Namsan is near Myoungdong, Namdaemun, Seoul Train Station.
You can walk to the top. It will take around 20-30 mins.
I recommand you walking to the top if it's not winter, 
especially in Spring, 
you will enjoy a lot of flowers and the scenery.
It's nice and comfy walk way!
You can take the cable car, but it takes only like 3mins.
One trip 6,000won / Round trip 8,000won
If you're gonna take the cable car,
you can take taxi to the cable car spot. :)
N Seoul Tower was built in 1969 as Korea’s first integrated 
transmission tower beaming television and radio broadcasts 
across the capital. Since opening to the public in 1980, 
it has become a much-loved Seoul landmark. 
The tower’s main attractions include multi-colored digital 
art projected onto the tower at night, a digital 
observatory, a roof terrace, the HanCook restaurant, 
the n.Grill restaurant, and the Haneul (Sky) Restroom. 
N Seoul Tower’s mountain surroundings on Namsan (Mt.) 
have made it a popular place to unwind for locals and 
tourists alike.

Thousands of padlocks and love notes 
are attached to the fence.

* Price Info - Observatory
Adult (19 years and over) \ 9,000
Teens (13 – 18 years) \ 5,000
Children (4 – 12 years) \ 3,000
Teddy Bear Museum
Adult (19 years and over) \ 8,000
Teens (13 – 18 years) \ 6,000
Children (4 – 12 years) \ 4,000
Children under 4 years go free.
* The Haneul Restroom 
At N Seoul Tower,
you will find the highest restroom in Seoul.
The stylish Haneul Restroom on the 2nd level of the tower
is at an altitude of 350 meters, and shows attention
to detail in every aspect of its design,
from basins to wallpaper,
making it feel more like an art gallery.
There is also a special pleasure in having such
magnificent views of the city from such an intimate space.
* How to get to Namsan
1. walk from Myoungdong
2. by taxi -> cable car
3. by bus - Yellow bus : 02, 03, 05, 90S Tour, 91S Tour


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