Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival)


 Yeon Deung Hoe is a big annual event in Korea, and it is usually being held for 3 days in May.
There're many things going on in Jongno area during this event,
and Saturday night is usually the best time to enjoy this festival!!!

Lantern parade and Hoehyang Hanmadang (misic and dancing show)
 can be the most interesting events for whom loves to party party! :)
It will be held in the Jonggak intersection at late night on Sat. (Subway line 1 Jonggak station)

All these photos above are from Hoehyang Hanmadang on Sat night.
It finishes around 11pm.

 Lantern Parade : Begins at Dongdaemun and proceeds to Joyge-sa Temple, along Jongno street.
(Subway line 1,3,5 Jongno 3-ga station / Line 1 Jonggak station or Jongno 5-ga station)

Start around 7pm..
Hundreds thousands lanterns brighten the Jongno street!!!

Jongno road will be blocked because of this parade, so you'd better take a subway to get here.

You can enjoy the traditional cultural exhibition in front of Jogye-sa temple on Sun.
Traditional Korean folk performers and performers from Asian Buddhist communities
put on some shows as well.
Experience traditional Buddhist culture! :-)

 Exhibition of traditional lanterns is held in various places
such as Jogye-sa temple, Bongeun-sa temple, and Cheonggyecheon (stream).

This event is getting bigger and bigger every year.
In my oppinion, this Lotus Lantern Festival is the most exciting festival in Seoul.
It is held in May every year when you can enjoy warm and nice spring weather. :)
Enjoy all the Korean traditional performances and exhibitions in Jongno,
and make your own lantern and participate in the parade.

* How to get there?

Subway Line 1. Gonggak station.
Subway Line 1,3,5. Jongno 3-ga station.

No buses go around here during the festival, because the road will be blocked.
If you take a taxi, you need to get off somewhere near Myung- dong or Gwanghwamun
 and walk from there..

(Some photos above from Yeon Deung Hoe website.)

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