May 10, 2013

Best Coffee in Korea


 On the outside this little coffee shop doesn't look so special
on the inside is a coffee lovers delight.

The owner(Mr. Seo) is the 2012 coffee roasters champion
and is bringing his passion for coffee to all that visit his shop.

Look at This long~~~~~ line! It's insane!!!
You may need to wait more than 20 mins if you come here on weekends afternoon...

This shop has been on TV Show which is called '먹거리(food) X-File' as well.
They're running a business not only for money but also for offering good coffee to people.
The tester(in the TV show) said it's the best coffee in Korea!!

You can buy all this packages of coffee beans.
From Rwanda, Colombia, Ediopia, Guatemala,...

Cafe latte!!!
So yum!!! The taste is just amazing!!!

Business Hour : 1PM - 9PM (Close on Monday)

It's near Hongdae.
It's not so easy to find it.. especially for foreigners.. maybe better to ask people.

How to get there?

U can walk from Hongdae(around 15 mins by foot) or take a bus(Only one stop).
If you walk, you can walk from the exit 3 of Hongdae ipgu station to Yoenhui-dong direction.
The bus stop is 'Yeonnam-dong Daewoo Apartment'.
It's located on the other side of the street from Dunkin Donuts.
It's in the little alley between '김밥세상' (Gimbap restaurant) and '현정약국'(Pharmacy).

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