Oct 19, 2013

Street Food in Hongdae

 <Street Food in Korea>

1. Tteokbokki 떡볶이

Rice Cakes in Hot Sauce

It looks really spicy, and it is quite spicy. :-)
You'll love this if you like to eat spicy food,
Rice cakes, fish cakes, and some vegetables
such as cabbage, onion, perilla leaves are in here.

The rice cakes are soooooo soft!  

This is called Sundae (순대) which can be a kind of sausages.

Usually, you can find this in any TTokbokki shop / restaurants.
Sundae is made by kneading together a seasoned mixture of
glutinous rice, bean curd, scallions, mung-bean sprouts,
and shiitake mushrooms and stuffing it into casings made of hog intestines,
which are then tied off at the ends and boiled.

Mini Kimbap (김밥)! It's similar as Japanese sushi.

It's yum if you dip them into the Tteokbokki sauce. :))
We love to eat Kimbap (the normal ones not the small ones),
especially when we go on a picnic!! :)
It's easy to carry and eat anywhere!
 we like to eat Kimbap
when we don't have much time to have a meal.
It's always
 quick and easy to eat Kimbap! :))
and it is a health food. :))

There are usually rice, spinach(or cucumber), ham, egg, pickled radish,
and some other ingredients in Kimbap.
There're Tuna Kimbap which is my favorite, Kimchi Kimbap,
Beef Kimbap, Cheese Kimbap, Anchovy Kimbap, and many others..

Fish cake skewer. :) (오뎅꼬치)
You deep this fish cake into a soy bean sauce. :-)
The soup of this fish cake is delicious!
It's good to drink it when you're eating spicy food!

Deep fried sweet potato, deep fried squid, deep fried vegetables, and more..


 2. Hodduk (Chinese Pancake) 호떡
These are pancakes stuffed with brown sugar

I love this!!!!!
So sweet and delicious!!! :-)
It's so popular, especially in winter. :))

  This is a normal Hodduk.

 This is a special kind of Hodduk called Japche Hodduk (잡채호떡).
Noodles and some vegetables are in


3. Chicken / Pork Skewer 닭꼬치

You usually can choose how spicy you want. :)
Be careful!
 veryyyy spicy if you choose the most spicy one.. Haha

4. Bbobkki (Korean Sugar Candy) 뽑기
It's only like.. less than 1,000 KRW for one.
You'll have a chance to cut this thing in shape of star or something,
and you'll get another free one if you succeed! :))

It's made of only sugar and baking powder. :))

5. Egg Bread 계란빵

Try this!
Just like egg pancake. :)

6. Fish Shaped Bread (?) 붕어빵

This is really really popular in winter!!!
I can say it tastes like a pancake...
but with some red(adzuki) bean paste.
Try this! You'll find out it's actually quite yum! :)

7. Roast Chest Nuts 군밤

These are roasted chest nuts!! :)
No sauce.. no sugar.. no salt.. just itself. It's so yum! :))
You can see many of these on the street in winter.



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