Mar 9, 2014

Japanese Pub



This is a very spacious Japanese pub (Izakaya) which has 1,500 seats.
It's set up like an indoor market, I think it's more like a food-court,
and this kind of pubs are getting more and more popular these days in Korea.

It is a really nice place for big groups,
but I wouldn't recommend this pub to couples.
It can be very crowded and noisy as there’re usually many groups.

The entrance of this pub looks like a subway station.
The exterior and interior resemble a bar street in Japan.  

Every table has its own table number(254 was my table number),
and you need to carry this little machine when you want to order any foods and drinks. 
You need to show this to a staff at the stall, 
then the staff will charge the food or drink to your table number.

You can order foods here.
There're many different choices of foods, 
so you just need to walk around to check check what menus are available in what stall.
There are Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, and so on.

You can choose drinks here.

One really good thing here is that water bottles are freeeeeeeeee!!!
It seems cleaner than tap water,
and it's easy to carry. :) 

There are baskets for you, so you can take several bottles of drinks at once.

Seats are everywhere, and it's really spacious place,
so make sure that you remember where your seat is :)

I had a fun time with my friends here,
and everyone loved this pub, Kodachaya.
It was an interesting experience for all of us,
because we felt like we are having drinks in somewhere in Japan. :D

Just one thing is...
it was too noisy when we were there on a Saturday.
All seats were full.. there're a looooooot of people.
Also, some people were waiting in a queue to get in..
You'd better book a table in advance if you're planing to come here on weekends.

By the way, sorry about not showing any pictures of foods.
I forgot to take pictures of foods before we eat... :( ....

* Business Hours: 5:00 PM ~ 5:00 AM   Everyday

* Add: 93-45, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
             울시 마포구 상수동 93-45

* How to get there?
It’s located just next to the exit 2 of Sangsu subway station(line 6), so you need to walk around 10-15 minutes if you are coming from near Hongik University subway(line 2) station.

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