Apr 27, 2014

TTeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)


Ddeokbokki Restaurant

This is a famous Ddeokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) restaurant chain.

I love Ddeokbokki so much!!! Ddeokbokki is one of my favorite food!!! :D
I usually enjoy having Ddeokbokki on the street.
They are really tasty!!! Also, spicy enough for me!!

However, they can be too spicy for some foreigners,
so I recommend this Mukshodonna instead of the ones on the street.
I love Mukshidonna Ddeokbokki as well!!!
It’s fresher as we cook(boil) the Ddeokbokki by ourselves on the table,
and more diverse ingredients such as ham, noodles, cheese, dumplings, 
and eggs are in this Ddeokbokki!!!

The first Mukshidonna is located in Samchung-dong, 
and it has been always so popular and busy. 
Everyday, there are a lot of foreigners, mostly Japanese and Chinese, 
who are waiting in the queue to get into the Mukshidonna in Samchung-dong.
There’s a chain even in Shanghai, China.

You MUST try Ddeokbokki when you come to Korea!!! :D
Men, women… old ones, young ones… every Korean loves Ddeokbokki!
It's the best snack/quick meal for Korean. :D
Also, you can find this dish easily everywhere, and it’s normally cheap.

There will be English menu, I think, so just ask for the English menu.
You need to write the amount of the dishes that you're ordering on this bill.

This is it!!! Ddeokbokki!!!
We added some fried dumplings, noodles, and eggs.
Looks yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know they sell beer here! Haha...
People usually drink just the soft drinks or the milky juice. 

 We're now starting to boil this Ddeokbokki.

 It's not spicy at all.
This is the cheese Ddeokbokki and the spicy sausage Ddeokbokki!
My favorite one is the cheese one! :D

 It can be a good meal for vegetarians if you don't order the ham Ddeokbokki.
(There're always some fish cakes in Ddeokbokki though..)

You can order the fried(?) rice after you finish all the rice cakes.
Then, a waiter/waitress takes your pan 
and mixes the rest of the sauce with some rice, seaweed, and corns.
It maybe looks bit weird, but it is very tasty!!! You should try this! :)

* Business Hour:  10:00 AM ~ 9:30PM, Everyday

* Add: 163-16, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
           서울시 마포구 동교동 163-16

* How to get there?
  - It's very near to the Hongik University station exit 9.

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