Jul 12, 2014

Egg Tart Cafe

Egg tart & Coffee

Café Omao

This is a coffee shop you can taste yummy egg tarts!!! :D

I’ve had really creamy yummy egg tarts in Macau before,
and these egg tarts in this coffee shop remind me the ones in Macau. J

Many people love to be here for little brunch on weekends.

It's quite a peaceful spot where you can take some break from the noisy streets in Hongdae, and there're a lot of pretty cafes and restaurants around this coffee shop.

You will enjoy the nice surroundings here.

Oh yeah~~
All these tarts look so delicious!

I've tried only the egg tarts here, but I saw many people are trying all different tarts.
I will try the sweet potato ones and pumpkin ones next time!! :D

The prices of the tarts here are not so cheap, I think..
but it's worth to try!!!
The egg tarts in an ordinary bakery aren't as good as these!

Very creamy and soft!!!
It just melts in my mouth! :D

* Business Hours: 11AM ~ 10PM, Tuesday ~ Sunday

* Add: 363-22, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu. Seoul, Korea
         서울시 마포구 서교동 363-22

* How to get there?

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