Sep 12, 2014

Shopping in Hapjeong



Mecenatpolis is upscale mixed-use residential and commercial site.

Its located in Hapjeong, near Hongdae,
and connected to Hapjeong station (line 2 & 6).

Therere cinema, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clothing stores, cosmetic stores, supermarket, open market, convenience stores, medical clinics, and more.

Everything you usually do with your friends or girl/boyfriend is here.

You dont need to go to Hongdae and stuck in the crowd.

As you know,
more and more people are coming to Hapjeong these days
for its nice and cozy cafes & restaurants.
They are more quiet and homely than the ones in Hongdae,
and theyre still in modern and stylish design as the ones in Hongdae.

If you a person who likes to chill out in a quiet place,
if you feel very heavy and sluggish today,
if youre looking for a place to spend some time with your little baby or a pet,

Mecenatpolis is the place you should go.

Look up when you get to the center.

All these lovely and colorful umbrellas will flatter your eyes!

Many celebrities and upper class people are living here,

and the atmosphere and exterior of the building are quite classy.

Lotte Cinema!

This is a small cinema, but it's big enough to enjoy a movie. 

Home Plus is here! :)

This is open market!
There're many cute hand-made items!

How to get here?

When you get off the train at Hapjeong station, find exit No.9.

You can also use exit No.10.

Hapjeong station is on line 2 and 6.

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