Sep 23, 2015

Cold Noodle Restaurant

Korean Cold Noodle Restaurant

<Donga Cold Noodle>

This is a very simple restaurant.
It's quite old.. and it looks bit boring... (?!)
but!!! it's a very well known cold noodle restaurant!!!
There's one in Itaewon, too. :)

There're only three choices in this restaurant.
Two types of cold noodles, 
spicy buckwheat noodles with some soup and without the soup,
 and a dumpling.

I love all of them!!! :D

Noodles are bit spicyand the dumpling is really soft and tasty. :))
Taste all these with your friend! You won't regret! :D

The warm meat stock will ease your tongue and tummy!
Try it when you have the spicy noodles.  (well-suited to each other.)

This is the cold noodles with some (cold) soup.
You can add more vinegar and mustard. :)

Without the (cold) soup.
They are actually taste similar. Both are so yum!!!!! :D

Dumplings!!! Eat when it's hot!!! :-)

Cold Noodle is one of my favorite  Korean food!!!
I've always missed this (and Tteokbokki-stir fried rice cakes) so much when I've been staying outside of Korea.
This is the best Korean food in Summer!!! :D

* Business Hours: 10 AM ~ 10 PM, Everyday

* Add: 164-20, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
               서울시 마포구 동교동 164-20

*  How to get there?

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