Dec 26, 2014

Cafe for Foreigners

You Are Here Café

(A café for foreigners)

I can say it’s a perfect cafe for foreigners.
All staff can speak English, and there’s even a foreign waitress (or waiter).

If you would like to learn Korean language,
this place can be quite interesting for you
as you can find a lot of books on the shelves to learn Korean language.

Also, the Korean language class is held here twice a week.
(More details below..)

This cafe looks awesome at night.

It’s bit away from the main Hongdae street, so it’s usually quiet here.

Main entrance.

These are the books for learning Korean.
You can freely read all the books here. 

There are many interesting choices of drinks.
I recommend you Korean traditional teas which are sweet and healthy. :) 

Cakes are amazing here. 
Actually, this cafe is popular for it's delicious cakes.
They are just so addictive!!! :D

Korean Language Class!!
Seems many people in this class.
They all look very enjoyed.. and I saw they're having birthday party together. :)
This should be a good place to meet some friends
and have fun while you're learning Korean language.

[More Info about Korean Language Class]
                                 - Days: Monday & Wednesday, Every week
                                 - Time: 7~10 PM
                                 - Fee: Just need to order one drink
                                 - How to Join? No need application / booking
                                                        Just show up! :)

They just came out from the Korean class, 
and they all look very comfortable with the waiter & waitress as well as this place.
Everyone here is like a big family.
Staff are so friendly, and people here are so easy to be friends.

More space on the 2nd floor.

You can sit on the terrace in summer.

I think many people are here as a study group or for a language exchange things.
Many of them seem they're studying or discussing something.

The brown drink is Nutella Milk Shake. It's just..... awesome!!!!!!!!!! :D

Cakes are truly... soft.. and yummy..!! Love it!

* Business Hours: 8 AM ~ 11 PM

* Add: 204-53, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
           서울시 마포구 동교동 204-53

* How to get there?

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