Mar 7, 2015

Korean Restaurant

Normal Korean Meal


If you're looking for a Korean restaurant 
where you can try a normal Korean meal,
this is the place! :D

Also, this can be the best choice for vegetarians and Muslims.

You can have hot and sticky Korean steamed rice in a stone pot
with delicious and fresh grilled fish.
Plus, you can try the yummy Korean scorched-rice water(Sungnyung, 숭늉).

Very clean and warm atmosphere.

You can have Soju and Sake here! :D
Many people come here not only for having meals also for drinks. :)

This is for two. It's quite enough, but you can have more if you want.
There's no limit!! You can have a looooooooooooooooot!!! :D haha

Basic side dishes. These are also can be refilled.

The rice soup thing on the left is Sungnyung(숭늉)
which is water with scorched-rice.
Try it! It's free, anyway. :)
It's actually quite yummy, and it's warm and easy to digest!

We ordered set menus with grilled Mackerel and Japanese Spanish Mackerel.
Both of them were delicious!!!

The soy sauce for grilled fish.
You don't need to dip your fish into the sauce if it's already salty enough.

These side dishes include Kimchi are all freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
You can have as much as you want! :D

Also, there are freeeeeeeeeeeeee to refill your rice bowl!
Steamed rice and the scorched-rice water.

I think meals here are very neat and yummy.
I really really like this restaurant because of the taste
as well as the unlimited & delicious rice and side dishes.
This will be a good experience for you to try Korean normal meal.
It won't disappoint you! :D

* Business Hours: 11:30 AM ~ 10 PM, Everyday

* Add: 403-21, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
       서울시 마포구 서교동 403-21

* How to get there?

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