Mar 1, 2015

Vintage Cafe

Vintage Cafe


Homeo has been very famous for being the setting of 
many Korean movies, TV dramas, and especially magazines.

This place is very classy, exclusive, and comfortable.

All the vintage furniture here are unique and elegant,
so it's the best place for a photo shooting!! (Don't forget to bring your camera!)

You can visit ''
if you'd like to look around and buy some vintage furniture.

There's space for parking! :D

(You can't find many restaurants and cafes with parking space in Hongdae.)

This is the 1st floor.
You can see flower decorations here and there.. :)
as well as a lot of old stuff from England.

I really like the ambience here, also the couch are amazingly comfy!!! :D

This is the 2nd floor. You can see more furniture here.

I love these soft and ambient lighting!!! :)

Here is the basement. More furniture are displayed.

I really enjoyed this cozy place!!
It's much nicer and more comfortable than my home!!! :))

To read a book or magazine, to chat with a friend, and to take some photos..
This is the best place in Hongdae!!!

Homeo is my favorite cafe in Hongdae now! :D

* Business Hours : 10 AM ~ 11 PM, Everyday

* Add : 342-8, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
      서울시 마포구 서교동 342-8

* How to get there?

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