Feb 2, 2015

Korean & Chinese Traditional Tea House

Korean and Chinese Traditional Tea House

두레차 (Dure Tea)

This is a tea house where you can taste Korean and Chinese traditional teas.

When we say Korean traditional tea, 
it usually means one of Omija tea (오미자차), chrysanthemum tea (국화차), 
green tea (녹차), ginger tea (생강차), and jujube tea (대추차).

Puer tea (보이차), green tea (녹차), and Oolong tea (우롱차)
are well known for Chinese tea.

You can try many kinds of tea here in this peaceful small cafe. :)
Also, you can buy bags of tea as a souvenir or present.

I'm having chrysanthemum tea (국화차), and my friend is having lemon tea.
I recommend chrysanthemum tea to beginners.
It's quite mild, and it has no caffeine. :D

Hand-made brownie. It's warm. :D

Roasted rice cake bars! with honey! :)
It has been a common snack for Korean people since long time ago.
We don't see these often these days, but we still love it!


I'm keep refilling hot water in my little tea pot.

Teas are covered with special papers. They all seem like Chinese teas. 

Most of teas above taste sweet and mild.
Also, they are all good for your health.

It was a good experience to try something different.
I always try to go to some nice and modern places when I go out with friends,
so I've never thought about a traditional tea house to hang out.
It actually was really good!!!
Quiet.. Cozy.. Warm.. Many different choices of teas.. Healthy.. :))

* Business Hours: 11 AM ~ 11 PM, Everyday

* Address: 346-29, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
          서울시 마포구 서교동 346-29

* How to get there?

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